GALA 2011: Your Time To Shine

Why is there so much value in participating and attending The GALA Awards?

Simply put: There is no better venue for connecting with the movers and shakers of the real estate industry in the metro Washington D.C. market. The GALA Awards program provides the opportunity to have your work judged and reviewed by industry experts for innovative concepts and ideas. Winning a GALA Award provides recognition for your company and your clients for outstanding and innovative work.

For those of us in the Real Estate and Development industries, The GALA Awards is the one award program where recognition is given by both the industry and the public. More and more homebuyers and agents identify a GALA Award as a symbol of quality, making winning an award that much more important.

But most of all, it is truly a privilege to be recognized at The GALA Awards, because it is your peers in the industry—companies large and small that we all very much admire and respect—who judge the entries. So it is a distinct honor to be in the company of the best and brightest in our industry.

That’s why The GALA Awards is THE award show.

The GALA Awards Committee

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