A Time To Celebrate!

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As residential home design, sales, and marketing professionals, we are not creating artwork that will be viewed and appreciated by thousands. Or are we?

Each day in our world we talk at length about new homes—how to design, market and sell them. We design and merchandise homes that anticipate and exceed homebuyers’ needs and develop creative ways to market them by connecting emotionally with potential buyers online and off. While our “art” may never hang on the wall at a museum, it does use human creative skill and imagination; it is often quite beautiful; and our work has the power to drive people to act—to visit a website or sales center, to not only find a place to live, but a home.

The Great American Living Awards (GALA) is our opportunity to recognize and celebrate the artist in each of us, and the creativity and imagination that goes into the work we do every day, driving us to be the best of the best at what we do. Cheers to a job well done!


NDG Communications, Inc.
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As a premier DC agency focused on delivering custom, integrated solutions solely for the homebuilding industry, NDG Communications, Inc. is a proud member of NVBIA and an active GALA participant.

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