The who’s who of the GALA committee continues!

Continuing the effort to introduce the homebuilding industry and home buyers in the DC Metro area to the who’s who on the Great American Living Awards Committee. Here are this week’s folks to follow and pay attention to:

Have you met Greg Hadley? Greg specializes in environmental portraits and architectural photography, especially residential interiors for architects, builders, designers and advertising agencies. Work has taken Greg to over 30 states and 20 countries. 2015 marks his 25th year in the business as an award-winning photographer in the DC community. In addition to numerous magazine contributions, he has been featured in 4 books including : Cape Cod : Gardens and Houses, Mustique and Mexican Style. Greg was the Chairman of the Awards Committee of NARI for 8 years (DC Chapter), and remains a participating member of AIA and NVBIA local chapters. He’s an active member of the PR Committee for GALA and brings great ideas, strategy and thoughtful conversation when discussing the current and future mission! He resides in Fairfax, VA with his family. Learn more here! or go directly to his residential portfolio page to check out his stunning work

If you attend or have even been in a conversation about GALA, we’d be surprised if you haven’t met our GALA sponsorship chair, Cindy Nairn. She’s been the lead person on this amazing committee for 5+ years and has set the bar high by being an excellent example in how to raise money for GALA, in a kind and and meaningful manner. Day-to-day, she’s second in command for the New Homes Guide ( and has been rocking and rolling for 11 years, selling ad space and ensuring the bible of our industry is successful for all builders, in every issue. From web listings, to selling the latest and greatest to the homebuilding industry, she makes the job look easy and we know it’s not! We’re all a big fan of hers!

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