2009 Award of Merit

Marketing Materials   |    Interior Design/Merchandising   |    Design & Architecture

  1. Brochure
Winner Company(s)
Individual Community The Madison at Ballston Station Paradigm Management /Fraser Wallace Advertising
Tribeca at Camp Springs Wood Partners /Delucchi +
  1. Direct Mail
Winner Company(s)
Piece Quaker Ridge Carr Homes /Robert Feldman and Associates
Campaign Reserve at Tyson's Corner Madison Homes /DBM, Inc.
  1. Web
Winner Company(s)
Individual Community website Delucchi + Delucchi +
Best Associate website NDGCommunications.com NDGCommunications
Interactive Campaign (Online ads, blog, emarketing, social media) NDGCommunications.com NDG Communications
  1. Overall Marketing Campaign (web, print, broadcast, signage, special events, emarketing)
Winner Company(s)
Individual Community The Hawthorn Monument Realty /Fraser Wallace Advertising
Master Planned/Mixed-Use Community Clarksburg Village Elm Street Development. Clarksburg Village Investments, Inc. /GKA Advertising
Multi-Family Community The Blairs The Tower Companies /Delucchi +
(Builder or Developer)
Craftmark Homes GKA Advertising
  1. Sales Office/Rental Office/Information Center (physical environments)
Winner Company(s)
For Individual Community Maymont Basheer and Edgemoore
For Master Planned/Mixed-Use Community The Duke Marquis Homes /Interior Concepts, Inc. /Lyons & Sucher Advertising
Marketing Campaign to Promote a Green Home/Community Craftmark Homes GKA Advertising

  1. Interior Merchandising, Detached Home (finished interior space)
Winner Company(s)
Under 2,500 finished sq. ft. Snowden Bridge Brookfield Homes
3,201 - 3,800 finished sq. ft. Gunston Cove Interior Concepts, Inc.
4,801 - 6,000 finished sq. ft. Brambleton Gulick Group, Inc.
  1. Interior Merchandising, Attached Home (finished interior space)
Winner Company(s)
1,900 - 2,500 finished sq. ft. Centerpointe EYA
  1. Interior Merchandising, Rental Model
Winner Company(s)
  Wisconsin Place Archstone
  1. Building Interior Design
Winner Company(s)
  Lionsgate Condominium Duball Inc.
  The Woodward Building SJG Properties

  1. Detached Home
Winner Company(s)
Under 2,500 finished sq. ft. Snowden Bridge Brookfield Homes
3,201 – 3,800 finished sq. ft. Tysons Chase Marquis Homes
6,001 - 9,000 finished sq. ft. The Glens Augustine Homes
  1. Attached Home
Winner Company(s)
Under 1,900 finished sq. ft. Melody Landing Brookfield Homes
3,301 – 3,900 finished sq. ft. Shipley's Grant Bozzuto Homes, Inc.
  1. Custom Home One-of-a-Kind
Winner Company(s)
$2 - 3 Million Sandy Spring Builders Sandy Spring Builders
$3 - 5 Million M&A Custom Homes M&A Custom Homes
Customized Arrow Cove Craftmark Homes