2017 Award of Merit

Sales Environment   |    Marketing Materials   |    Interior Design/Merchandising   |    Design & Architecture   |  
Custom Homes

  1. Sales Office/Rental Office/Information Center
Winner Company(s)
Model Homes Sales Center Glenmont MetroCentre New Home Gallery Winchester Homes /NDG Communications

  1. Website
Winner Company(s)
Individual Community (rental, for sale or mixed use) Cheval Bethesda Duball /NDG Communications /McWilliams|Ballard /Resmark Companies
Local Builder Mid-Atlantic Builders Mid-Atlantic Builders /NDG Communications
Associate Urban Pace Urban Pace /Streetsense
  1. Social Media (Blog, Facebook, Twitter)
Winner Company(s)
Multifamily ORE82 on Instagram Greystar /Streetsense /Delucchi Plus
Planned Community Bayside Integrated Blog Carl M. Freeman Companies /Borcz+Dixon
  1. Printed Brochure
Winner Company(s)
Individual Community Park Van Ness B.F. Saul Company /Streetsense
  1. Video (including YouTube) or TV ad
Winner Company(s)
Upper West Next Level Starts Now at One Loudoun Miller and Smith /Lyons & Sucher
  1. Integrated Marketing Campaign (web, print, multimedia, signage, social media, special events, eMarketing)
Winner Company(s)
Individual or Multi-Family Community Upper West Miller and Smith /Lyons & Sucher

  1. Interior Merchandising, Detached Home
Winner Company(s)
$300,000 - $400,000 Talbot at Chase Van Metre Homes /Builders Design
$600,001 - $700,000 Salisbury at Town of Whitehall Montchanin Builders /Interior Concepts
  1. Interior Merchandising, Attached Home, Including Townhouses, Two-over-Two's, Back-to-Back Townhouses, Duplexes, Fee Simple and Condo-Ownership
Winner Company(s)
$400,001 - $500,000 Kent at Gateway Commons Van Metre Homes /P Four
Over $850,000 Bryant at Travilah Station Brookfield Residential /Interior Concepts
  1. Interior Merchandising, Multi-Family New Construction, Amenity Space and/or Common Areas
Winner Company(s)
High-Rise Parc Meridian at Eisenhower Station Paradigm Companies /Hartman Design Group

  1. Design and Architecture, Detached Home (on lots 7,000 s.f. and over)
Winner Company(s)
$400,001 - $500,000 Columbia at EastChurch CalAtlantic Homes
$500,001 - $600,000 Astor at Marrwood East Comstock Homes /KTGY Architecture + Planning
$600,001 - $700,000 Merrimac at Cayden Ridge Miller and Smith /Sutton Yantis Associates Architects
$1,000,001-$1,400,000 Bashore at The Grant at Willowsford Camberley Homes /KTGY
Over $1,400,000 Hamilton at The Grant at Willowsford Camberley Homes /KTGY
  1. Design and Architecture, Attached Home, Including Townhouses, Two-over-Two's, Back-to-Back Townhouses and Duplexes, Fee Simple and Condo-Ownership
Winner Company(s)
$400,001 - $500,000 Severn at Admirals Square Brookfield Residential /Lessard Design, Inc.
$500,001 - $600,000 Hillwood at Brambleton Evermont Trace Miller and Smith /KTGY Architecture and Planning
$600,001 - $700,000 Devonshire Crest at Mount Vineyard PulteGroup
Over $850,000 Sol at Downtown Brambleton Knutson Companies /Lessard Design
  1. Design and Architecture, Multi-Family
Winner Company(s)
New Construction Modera Mosaic Millcreek Residential Trust /SK+I Architecture
  1. Innovative Land Planning
Winner Company(s)
Residential Willow & Maple CBG Building Company /GTM Architects /Dewberry
  1. Outstanding Living Space or Architectural Feature in a Product or Product Line
Winner Company(s)
Coulam Residence Library Great Jones Developments /Devereaux & Associates

  1. Design and Architecture, Custom Home, Single Lot
Winner Company(s)
3,000 - 5,000 sq. ft. Arbor Street Joy Custom Design / Build /James McDonald Assoctiate Architects
5,001 - 7,000 sq. ft. Coulam Residence Great Jones Developments /Devereaux & Associates
  1. Design and Architecture, Custom or Customized Infill Home (One-of-a-kind homes, including plans modified from a previously built home, that are built for sale on single lots or in new subdivisions containing less than ten lots and completed within 12 months of the entry deadline)
Winner Company(s)
5,001 - 7,000 sq. ft. Franklin Park Bethesda Builders /GTM Architects
  1. Design and Architecture, Renovations or Additions (Alterations and Additions to an existing residence for an individual; price reflects final construction cost)
Winner Company(s)
$500,000 - $1,000,000 Garfield Street Full Home Renovation Relux Homes /James McDonald Associate Architects