Design & Architecture Judging

Committee members review each builder’s GALA entry. However, the process does not end here.

GALA judges consider a combination of design, excellence, value and overall quality of living. Interior Design/Merchandising entries will be judged on site by a distinguished panel of judges selected for their expertise in new home design, sales and marketing.

Then, the committee members travel to the homes and communities for an on-site visit and complete judging forms for each entry. After all visits and judging forms are completed, the judging team discusses their site visit findings and selects the GALA winners. All completed judging forms and winning selections are turned in to NVBIA.

Sales & Marketing Judging

All marketing entries will be judged during the course of an in-house Judging Day in August by judging teams comprised of experts in new home design, sales and marketing.

Sales Achievement Finalists will be judged by an experienced and distinguished panel of sales professionals. Finalists will be notified in writing of the time and date for their scheduled interview appointments at NVBIA offices.

GALA Judges reserve the right not to bestow an award in any category or to bestow only an award of merit. Criteria for judging each category are listed under the individual categories. Judges with personal involvement in an entry are disqualified from judging that entry. Judges reserve the right to move an entry into another category.

Questions? Please contact Alexandra Whitson at (703) 953-3504 or Julie Dillon at (813) 480-7239